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Nov 152011

National Building Regulations Part W – Fire Installation

Fire Installation 213 s Fire Installation

A typical fire installation in a factory showing the correct signage

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  1. The building I work in does not have a Sprinkler system or smoke detection system or any fire alarm system. What is the Health and Safety requirements for the building. What needs to be installed and what is the minimum requirement? We have fire hoses and Fire extinguisers allocated. Please assist

    Thank you very much

    • Hi Andrea, The National Building Regulations has guidelines for equipment and installations and these have to be read together with a whole list of other regulations and by-laws. Then there is the clause that states that every site shall be inspected on a “case by case” basis. What this means is that you will have to get in contact with your local authority building inspector and request an inspection and recommendations.

  2. Subject:
    Diesel Storage Requirements
    Can you please advise us here. We are a construction company, we usually keep Diesel on site in a drum 210 liters, 420 Maximum. I want to know that how far can you keep this from building and offices and what are the other requirements for storing such chemicals.

    • Hi Gerald,
      Firstly I think that you need to get advice from your local authority on this. Having said that here is an extract from the Building Regulations SANS 10400-T “Fire Pretection”:
      4.52 Installation of liquid fuel dispensing pumps and tanks
      4.52.1 No liquid fuel dispensing pump or storage tank shall be situated less than 3,5 m from any
      lateral boundary or street boundary of any site except where there is a boundary wall and such wall a) has a fire resistance of 120 min,
      b) is not less than 1,8 m in height, and
      c) extends not less than 2 m on either side of such pump.

      These regulations are always subject to other local by-laws so as I have said above, get hold of your local authority for clarity on this.

  3. Hi

    I am wanting to install a fish tank between my lounge and garage through the 230mm firewall dividing the lounge from the garage. I believe because the burn time of the water will be > 2 Hours this would be all right to go ahead with? Does anyone know what the regulation are in this regard?


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