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Jun 252013

City of Cape Town Zoning Scheme Regulations

table mtn1 Cape Town Zoning Scheme

We have included this Cape Town Zoning Scheme Regulations document to assist you with accessing the the correct information so that you can make the right decisions when it comes to planning any construction, building and renovation or the purchase of property with developement in mind. This Town Planning Scheme applies to all properties within the municipal boundaries of the City of Cape Town, as determined by the Municipal Demarcation Board.


Chapter 1 contains introductory information, including the date when the zoning scheme became operative and the area to which it relates. The components of the zoning scheme and general purposes of zoning are described.
Chapter 2 deals with certain procedures and requirements relating to applications, decisions, conditions of approval, transitional provisions and methods of correcting errors on the zoning map.
Chapter 3 deals with general principles relating to the zoning and use of property, describing the difference between primary uses and consent uses. It also makes reference to uses not permitted and describes how temporary land uses should be dealt with.

The Zoning Categories covered are:
Single Residential Zones
General Residential Zones
Community Zones
Local Business Zones
General Business and Mixed Use Zones
Industrial Zones
Utility, Transport and National Port Zones
Open Space Zones
Agricultural, Rural and Limited Use Zones

You must download the Zoning Scheme Map Overlays (Part 2)
and read them in conjunction with the Part 1 document below.
Download: “Cape Town Zone Scheme_Regulations_Nov_2012_Part 2″




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  1. how does one get permission to build two kitchens on a large erf to accomodate elderley parents

    • Gerald it depends on the zoning and various local authority regulations. For instance some will allow you to build two separate dwellings each with a kitchen, while others may require you to have the two living areas joined. The factor of having two kitchens shouldn’t be a problem though – you will just have to get a competent person to draw up plans.

  2. are maps available online which demarcate zoning areas? thx

    • Hi Pierre,
      What area are you in? Yes there are Zone maps, let me know and I will give you a link.

      • Hi Pierre,
        A quick update. Your comment was posted on the Cape Town page so if it is the Cape Town maps that you want then go to our download-regulations page and scroll to “Cape Town Zone Scheme_Regulations_Nov_2012_Part2″ this has all the Cape Town Zone overlays.

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